So far the Chicago Cubs are in 4th spot in the National League's Central Division with a losing record of 23 wins and 35 losses. The Cubs' most recent game was a June 12 loss to the Yankees 18-4 on the road in what was the final game of the series.

The Cubs' situation is bad, but the team still has time to get out of that hole. They haven't won a game since June 4 in the series against the St. Louis Cardinals that also ended in poor results for the Cubs.

The recent game against the Yankees was a disaster, the Cubs used their best pitchers to try to end the losing streak they are going through right now, but in the end Cubs Manager David Ross didn't want to waste any more pitchers and he called for a position player at the mound.

What slow record did Frank Schwindel set?

Schwindel is a Cubs fist baseman, he has been with the team since 2021, Schwindel previously played for the Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals. Schwindel's record was set by him in the recent 18-4 loss to the New York Yankees where Schwindel pitched a 35.1 MPH ball that became the slowest pitch ever to end in a home run.

Position players like Schwindel can play as pitchers as long as their team is down by at least six runs. Before Schwindel set his unusual slow pitch (that turned into a home run) another player named Brock Holt set a similar record with 31.1 MPH as the slowest pitch for a called strike in 2021.