Bad news for Pete Alonso's fans as he failed to set the big record everyone was hoping for with three derby titles in a row. Alonso made it to the second round where he lost to Julio Rodriguez by nine home runs.

Ronald Acuña Jr. was a disappointment during the derby despite the fact that he was one of the underdogs with the best projection. Acuña Jr only hit 19 home runs during the event, but the worst player in the event was Jose Ramirez with only 17 home runs.

Albert Pujols as a veteran proved to be much more efficient than some young players, he hit 35 home runs. It is not the first derby for Pujols as he won one nearly two decades ago in 2003.

How many home runs were hit in the 2022 MLB Home Run Derby?

The derby was made up of three phases, the First Round, Second Round and Finals, with the first round being the stage with the most home runs for a total of 169 home runs. In total, between the three stages of the Home Run Derby, the eight participants hit 253 home runs.

The player with the most home runs during the derby was Julio Rodriguez (Finals loser) with a total of 81 home runs, while Juan Soto (derby winner) hit 53 home runs. It seems that the MLB should change their format for the next season and that the winner is the player with the most home runs.