The MLB Field of Dreams game is finally here after being postponed due to the pandemic. The Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees will face off on Thursday, August 12, in a game that will count for the 2021 regular season. 

The game will honor the iconic 1989 movie which starred Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. The movie stars Costner as Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella, who turns his cornfield into a baseball field after hearing a voice in his head. 

For this game, as many of their former players appeared in the movie, the White Sox will be playing as the home team. Of course, as the movie is so special, the game in its honor had to be a special location, too. Here, check out where this match is going to be played. 

In which stadium is the MLB Field of Dreams going to be played? 

The game will take place in Dyersville, Iowa. While they won’t be able to play in the actual field that appears in the movie, they will play in a special 8,000-seat ballpark especially constructed for this event near the movie location. 

Dyersville is located in eastern Delaware County and western Dubuque County, in eastern Iowa. The field of the movie is set northeast of Dyersville. This site became a tourist attraction after the movie’s release. 

The game will start at 8 PM (ET), and it will be broadcasted in the US by Fox. The game has been planned since 2016, and it was going to take place last year but the pandemic made it impossible until now.