The wait is over. The day baseball fans have been waiting for is here: a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reportedly on place, meaning that the MLB lockout will be over as soon as both parties ratify the new labor deal.

Trade moves and signings have been halted for a while, a number of games have been canceled, and what's most important, the Opening Day of the 2022 MLB regular season was postponed until April 14 as a result of the lengthy, three-month lockout. But it's time to turn the page, as the MLB and the MLB Players Association have reportedly agreed to terms.

"BREAKING: Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal, sources tell ESPN. While it still needs to be ratified by both parties, that is expected to be a formality, and when it is: Baseball is back," Jeff Passan reported.

When is MLB Opening Day 2022?

The MLB was expected to be underway by now. However, coming out from the lockout took longer than expected as the MLB and the MLBPA failed to reach a new agreement and each team's first four series were canceled. But fortunately, the league's resumption seems to be just around the corner.

Opening Day of the 2022 Major League Baseball regular season would be April 7, as reported by Jeff Passan and ESPN's Jesse Rogers, pending official confirmation. Spring Training camps could begin as early as Friday, March 11, but reports suggest they won't start before Sunday.

How many games will be played in the 2022 MLB regular season?

Despite the first four series of every team were removed from the schedule at first, this agreement would guarantee a full 162-game regular season, as the four series that were previously removed would be rescheduled. "The makeup games that came as a result of the delay will be rescheduled as nine-inning doubleheaders," MLB insider Mark Feinsand reported.

Once the two sides ratify the new CBA to officially end the lockout, teams will be ready to get back to business and set their sights on free agency. Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, Freddie Freeman, and Kris Bryant are some of the biggest names on the market.

MLB labor deal: What's the new CBA in 2022?

(Via Mark Feinsand of

"The new five-year CBA is expected to include increased minimum salaries, a new pre-arbitration bonus pool to reward the top young players in the game, a raise in competitive balance tax thresholds, the introduction of a universal designated hitter, the widest-ranging Draft lottery in pro sports, a system to prevent alleged service-time manipulation, limits on the number of times a player can be optioned in a season and a 12-team postseason. There will also be the evaluation of an international Draft."