And it happened again, Major League Baseball owners have locked out the players for the first time since 1994. Professional baseball is on hold as the MLBPA and the owners could not reach an agreement on Wednesday night for a new CBA.

The MLB lockout in 1994 did a lot to damage the reputation of the sport in the eyes of the fans and it took a long time to rebuild the league’s image after that. Now once again the players and owners are at a crossroads as many planned activities for the new season are now up in the air. 

In the last few years leagues like Major League Soccer have had similar issues with their CBA, even locking players out, but eventually a deal was reached in the nick of time. Here are the events that are now in danger of not taking place as scheduled due to the MLB 2021 lockout.



5 events that could be forced to move due to MLB lockout

On December 9th the Rule 5 Draft is set to take place, the draft is designed to give minor league players a chance to get to the majors. The technicality is that Rule 5 players become a part of the MLBPA, the event could be cancelled in its entirety. On January 14th of 2022 arbitration salary filing deadline is set to take place, this means that team’s arbitration-eligible players file salary figures for the coming season. Each side, the team and player, both place what both parties believe said player should earn that season, and if the numbers don’t match a hearing is held. Very few players and clubs ever really go to a full-blown arbitration hearing.

One day later on January 15th international signing period is slated to begin, this is reserved for MLB teams to begin the process of signing foreign players. Mid-February Spring Training is set to begin, with no CBA in place the players cannot report, if the negotiations move to next year, it could affect the start of the preseason. March 31st is Opening Day, and while it is possible that things could be all squared by then, there is also a chance Opening Day could be moved.