The Chicago Cubs were founded in 1876 and were known as the White Stockings, until becoming the Cubs in 1903. The Cubs have appeared in eleven World Series, winning three in 1907, 1908, and after a long drought 2016. They have won 17 National League Pennants and 2 Eastern Division titles. They have played in the famous stadium, Wrigley Field since 1916.

It is there where our MLB soccer jerseys take their inspiration from the Cubs’ great history and their legendary ballpark. The jersey pays homage to the Hall of Famers who have worn the Cubs uniform and the away kit takes its inspiration from Wrigley Field.

The Cubs are synonymous with the city of Chicago, does anyone remember Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where Ferris and Cameron go to a Cubs game? Our jerseys take elements from the flag of Chicago and embedded it within the Cubs’ great history in the city. Our away jersey will take you to the ballpark, so sit back and enjoy our final MLB soccer jersey for the Cubbies!

Chicago Cubs Historical Home Jersey

The home jersey is inspired by the Chicago city flag and the club’s Hall of Famers. Over the years great players have played for the Cubs and the jersey pays homage to those baseball legends. Players like Ernie Banks, Frank Chance, Kiki Cuyler, Billy Williams, Lee Smith, Hack Wilson, and Greg Maddux have their names present.

When the Cubs won the 2016 World Series, they ended the biggest drought in American sports history, it took the Cubs a total of 108 years to win another championship. And we thought the Red Sox were cursed. Cubs fans have a lot to cheer about nowadays as the club has been competitive and has been to the postseason every year since their championship run in 2016.

If you observe, the center of the jersey where the flag of the city of Chicago is present, you will see the names of the Hall of Famers. The Cubs have a total of 50 Hall of Famers who have either been inducted as Cubs or have played for the club at one point. The flag of Chicago as noted in our White Sox article has four stars which represent Fort Dearborn, the Great Chicago Fire, World Columbian Exposition, and Century of Progress.

On the neck, there is an old fashion baseball flag with the classic Chicago Cubs lettering. In Wrigley Field, you will find that there are team flags in this shape on the scoreboard and we placed a similar flag on the neck as a homage to the old ballpark.

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field inspired Away Jersey

The away jersey pays homage to the iconic ballpark Wrigley Field. Built in 1914, the stadium is known for its ivy-covered brick outfield and the red marquee over the main entrance. A unique aspect of the stadium is that it is located in a residential area and has no parking lots and fans can watch the game from the rooftops of the apartment buildings facing the ballpark. It’s not uncommon for home runs to fly as far as those buildings and fans on the roof to catch them. The jersey has the primary red color to honor the famous marquee and the ivy bricks can be seen running along the jersey.

The ivy bricks are famous because when the season starts the vines have not leafed out and as the season progresses the ivy grows out making it a unique site. The ivy was placed in 1937 as a way to make the stadium more lovely to look at. While in the MLB the rules are that the outfields are padded, the Cubs get an exception because they were “grandfathered” into this rule.

On the neck, there is a “We Love Wrigley” lettering in the marque of the stadium. The marquee has been around for over 80 years and it was painted red in the mid 1960’s. The electronic message board was added in the 1980s and the rest of the banners have been placed over the past few seasons. The Cubs are known as "the North Siders", a reference to the location of Wrigley Field within the city of Chicago, and the White Sox, whose home field is located on the South Side are the “The South Siders”.

We have concluded our series of MLB inspired soccer jerseys. Which was your favorite? The Yankees? Mets? Tigers? Dodgers? We are not finished; we have a new series for the NFL coming in no time!