The Texas Rangers were founded in 1961 and for the first ten years of their existence, they were based in Washington as the Senators. They stayed in Washington until the team moved to Arlington, Texas in 1972, where they became the Rangers. The Rangers have a modest history when compared to the other teams we have featured in our MLB soccer jersey series. They have never won a World Series and have won only two American League Pennants in 2010 and 2011. They have 7 Western Division titles and one wild card berth in 2012.

Despite having a more modest history, the Rangers have had some exceptional players suit up for them, the likes of Nolan Ryan, Ferguson Jenkins, Iván Rodríguez, Buddy Bell, and Rubén Sierra to name a few. In 2010 and 2011 the Rangers played in back to back World Series but lost to the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals.

We wanted to come up with some unique concepts for the Rangers and we used the Lone Star State as our inspiration. We adapted the home jersey design based on a very familiar figure in Texas, the cowboy, and the away jersey has elements of Guadalupe Mountains National Park in it as a homage to the great sights you can see in Texas!

Texas Rangers Cowboy Home Jersey

The Texas Rangers home MLB soccer jersey viewed from the front.
The Texas Rangers home MLB soccer jersey viewed from the back.

The home jersey is inspired by the Texas Cowboy, via the design, we emulate the classic cowboy tartan vest and shirt. The color patterns are the Rangers classic red, white, and blue, and what isn’t all American like a cowboy? The crest is the classic sheriff’s badge and plays off of the phrase “The Lone Star” state. Within the badge is the Rangers cap logo, the “T”, is present in blue tone. On the back, the Texas flag runs along the neck as the jersey incorporates every element from Texas from the sheriff’s badge, the cowboy, and the state’s primary colors.

The Texas Rangers Lone Star crest.

The crest in detail shows the “T” cap logo within the badge, this logo has been incorporated since 2000. It is usually white, but with a red, blue background. In 2020 the “T” has a sky blue background incorporated, while on our soccer jersey we decided to have the “T” be hidden so that the sheriff’s badge can stand out and be a key focal point of the jersey.

The flag of Texas is present on the back.

On the back the flag of Texas is present, did you know that the blue color stands for loyalty, the white purity, and the red for bravery? Well, Texas Rangers fans are very loyal to their club and the blue color is what makes the jersey stand out. The star has been named “Lone Star” and represents all of Texas and stands for the unity of God, State, and Country.

Texas Rangers Landscape away jersey

Texas Rangers away soccer jersey from the front.
The Texas Rangers nature inspired soccer jersey from the back.

The away jersey pays homage to the great landscapes of Texas. In this case, we have incorporated silhouettes from Guadalupe Mountains National Park, located in El Paso, Texas. The jersey incorporates the classic Texas mountains and the white “T” serves as the crest to make the logo stand out. On the back along the neck, there is a sign that refers to the team’s foundation in 1961 and has the team nickname on the back “The Lone Stars”.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is present on the jersey.

Throughout the jersey there is a silhouette of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, the mountain range includes Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet. The park covers 86,367 acres and is home to various animals such as elk, American black bear, coyote, bobcat, sixteen species of bat, mule deer, and cougar. Birds of this park include chickadee, sparrow, barn owl, woodpecker, turkey vulture, greater roadrunner, hummingbird, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, wren, and grosbeak.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park style sign is present on the neck of the jersey.

On the neck, there is a sign that has the team name, year of foundation, and team nickname. The sign is taken from the signs around Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The idea was to create a jersey concept that really details the natural spaces within the Texas landscape and the rich wildlife that inhabits the state.

We are almost finished with our MLB soccer inspired jerseys. Did we get the Rangers right? Which do you think was the best one? Yankees? Red Sox? Tigers? A’s? Give us your thoughts!