The 2022 Major League Baseball started a couple of weeks ago after a lengthy discussion between the players and team owners on what was the 2022 MLB lockout. But everything was overcome and baseball is back to offer the same quality as in previous seasons.

Pitchers in the MLB are one of the most important pieces of each team, they alone do not win games but they do play a fundamental role in the outcome of a game. A good rotation, full of high-quality pitchers, can get almost any team to the World Series.

The work of the umpires during the season is not just about safes, outs and strikes, it is much more than that. Umpires, from home base to third base, must guarantee that the game is fair and the players are doing everything according to the rules.

Why MLB umpires check pitchers' hands after the inning is over?

Umpires check pitchers' hands for illegal substances that could be used on the ball to gain an advantage during the game. In 2021 it was revealed that some MLB pitchers used a resin-based substance called Spider Tack during games.

Since 2021 umpires are making random 'visits' to the pitching mound to check pitchers' hands, even umpires check the insides of pitchers' pants for illegal substances.

The MLB said on the matter "...a uniform standard for the consistent application of the rules, including regular checks of all pitchers regardless of whether an opposing club's manager makes a request..." This measure not only applies to the MLB but also to the minor leagues.