Aaron Judge is trying to help the New York Yankees win their first World Series trophy since 2009. A few months ago, the star signed a nine-year, $360 million contract to remain with the team.

However, the Bronx Bombers are having a very tough 2023 season, especially because the competition in the AL East is just incredible. Even with a 42-35 record, the Yankees are way behind the Rays and the Orioles.

Now, Aaron Boone has to deal with another problem as Aaron Judge might be out for a very long time with the Yankees. In what could a shocking turn of events in MLB, the injury is worse than expected.

Aaron Judge might be out for the season with Yankees

This Saturday, Aaron Judge confirmed he has a torn ligament on his right toe. The injury happened on June 3 when the right fielder tried to catch a ball close to the bullpen and hit the gate during a game against the Dodgers at Los Angeles.

“I’ve had different injuries over the years where it’s going to take a while. It’s not going to be perfect here in a couple of weeks. I’ve got to knock out the rehab stuff. Once we can manage the pain, we are going to be in a good spot.”

The Yankees believed Judge wouldn’t be out too long. Now, Aaron Boone doesn’t seem confident he’ll come back at all this season. “The reality is we are without him right now and we’ve got to find a way to get it done. We have the people in there to get it done. We just got to do a better job right now of putting pressure on the opposing pitchers and defense.”

At the moment, the Yankees don’t have an exact date for his return and, as it happened with Boone, Judge doesn’t sound too optimistic about what lies ahead with the injury.

“If it was a quad, we would have a better answer. If it was an oblique or hamstring, we will have answers and a timeline for that. With how unique this injury is, and it being my back foot, which I push off of and run off of, it is a tough spot.