In the National Basketball League history books there are 41 players that made a professional career without going through college. Names such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, among others, jumped from high school to the NBA. Their legacy is huge, but that list will not grow anymore in a near future.

There has been a lot of noice around the NBA's policy about high school players. In 2019, Adam Silver stated that it is a controversial rule for the growth of basketball. The league's Commissioner, since he got the job in 2014, has made it clear that one of his main objectives is to immprove the quality of the game, with this being a focus point for him.

With Bryant, James and McGrady, other names such as Kevin Garnett or Dwight Howard also skipped college to become professionals. This cases are rare to see, as high school basketball can be easier for some players and recruiters could mess up with their reviews by taunting them to commit to the NBA Draft.

Can players be drafted out of high school?

Since 2005, the rule changed in the National Basketball Association. Players can't be drafted out of high school and they must do one year, at least, at college to put their names at the NBA Draft in order to continue their personal and academic growth.

"There are a bunch of issues that need to be worked through between us and the players association, so it’s something (the rule) we’re in active discussions about," Silver said to the Washington Post in 2019. "It’s a few years away, I think".