It is not easy to carry a huge legacy in sports. Every family name has the objective to remain in history as long as possible, but not every child can keep up to what their parents were. In this year's NBA Draft, there are some players who's last name looks familiar an Ron Harper Jr. is one of the athletes that will try to surpass what his father did in the National Basketball Association.

Whenever it appears a known name for the fans in the Draft's list, it is impossible not to think that the child has some of the abbilities that his dad or mom had. It is difficult to keep up with the legacy and it is always hard for heirs to forget about people's thoughts. In this case, Ron Harper Sr. surely will be happy to hear his son's name coming out from Adam Silver's mouth to be selected in first round.

As for the initial 30 picks, the oddsmakers state high possibilities for Jabari Smith to go as the first-overall pick, but anything can happen in the NBA Draft. Some teams are desperate to add a superstar to their rosters and this can move some things in the stated order.

Will Ron Harper Jr. get drafted?

It is difficult to see Ron Harper Jr. going to a team in the first round. In the mock drafts, it is stated that he could go to the 60th overall pick (which belongs to Indiana Pacers via Suns). The shooting guard from Rutgers would have to wait until the last selection to go to the stand and become officially an NBA player.