The New Orleans Pelicans don't have a margin for error right now. They were one of the best teams early in the NBA season, but Brandon Ingram missed plenty of time, and it's been months since we last saw Zion Williamson.

The Pelicans are a completely different team when those two are on the court. Zion is naturally dominant, and his sole presence on the floor makes everything different for Willie Green's squad.

But now that he's not playing, he's still trying to have a positive impact on the team. According to Chris Haynes, he recently called his teammates out for playing with no sense of urgency now that their season is on the line.

Zion Williamson Called His Teammates Out After Loss To Lakers

"Zion he might not be putting work on the court right now for them but off the court, he is doing a lot," said Haynes. "A source informed me that after the Pelicans lost to the Lakers on March 14th, Zion Williamson actually got on his team in the locker room after that game and was telling them, 'Listen, guys, we are playing with no sense of urgency.'"

"I was told that he questioned their effort," Haynes continued. "I was told that he said accountability needs to be in-house and he said they can't feel sorry for themselves just because they've had key players out for extended periods. So, he's challenging those guys to go out there and make do with what they got until they can get whole again."

Zion Might Be Back In Time For The Play-In Tournament

Of course, it would all be better if Zion could just lead by example and be on the court. And fortunately for them, there's still a chance he's back in time for the Play-in tournament, granted they're still in contention.

"There's good news for the Pelicans," Haynes reported. "Zion Williamson is working out on the court. A source told me this morning that he had a rigorous workout this morning. Looking good; his explosiveness is looking there. As of right now, the plan is to be re-evaluated at some point in the middle of next week, and at that juncture, the Pelicans would only have about two games left in their schedule."

"So coach Willie Green will have a decision to make as far as what they do," added Haynes. "But again, as far as the re-evaluation goes it is not sure if he will be cleared at that time. So, there are still some hurdles but there is some good news; he is making some progress. No setbacks as of right now."

The Pelicans still have a shot at making the playoffs, and those chances are way higher when their best player is on the court. So, if he's actually healthy this time, it should make things quite interesting in the Play-in tournament.