The Philadelphia 76ers need to find a trade partner for Ben Simmons right away. He doesn't want to start next season with the team, but the few takers interested in his services are unable to meet their asking price.

Simmons and his agent Rich Paul have reportedly told the team that he has no intention to report to the team whatsoever. He's threatening to skip training camp in an attempt to force his way out.

So, with that in mind and the upcoming NBA season closer than most people realize, it seems like the former first overall pick could face some serious financial repercussions. At least, that's what Brian Windhorst of ESPN says.

NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons Could Lose $1.3 Million If He Skips Training Camp

(Transcript via Pro Sports Daily)

"As a part of his formal trade demand, Simmons recently informed the team that he will not be reporting to training camp. As this would be a violation of Simmons’ contract, Windhorst (who was told by former front office executive Bobby Marks) says Simmons can face a fine of $227,000 for every work day that he doesn’t show up to the Sixers’ camp.

'If they wanted to fine him, for every week, he could be fined about $1.3 million,' Windhorst said. 'The Simmons side has told me ‘we are prepared for that ramification.'"

That's a lot of money, at least for most of us. But in reality, Simmons is due to make roughly $33 million in salary next season, so for him, it's just like losing some spare change from his pockets.

The truth is that Simmons' trade value keeps dropping by the day. There's no reason to think he's improved his flaws in the offseason, and it's clear that he wants no part of the Sixers, so they'll need to compromise at some point.

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