After the Boston Celtics clinched their spot at the 2022 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, most of the NBA younger fans started to look up how legendary is the Boston franchise. In fact, the Celtics have one of the most succesful championship eras the NBA has seen in the 60's. But there's more of that throughout their entire history

Among the most succesful Hall of Famers, including Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Dave Cowens and Larry Bird all of them have made history in the Celtics. In fact, those men clinched the NBA Champioship playing for the Boston Celtics at one point in their NBA career. 

To overview the complete picture of the Celtics' NBA appearances, below there is a complete list of the Boston Celtics appearances in the NBA Finals. In addition, the 2022 NBA Finals adds one more appearance to the already rich Celtics' NBA history

Complete list of all the Boston Celtics championship definitions

The Boston Celtics have one the best records in the NBA Finals. In fact, the Celtics had one of the best unbeaten runs in the Finals between 1959 to 1966 NBA seasons. In addition, the Celtics clinched 3 NBA titles during the 80's. So, the Celtics have 17 wins and 4 losses for 21 NBA Finals appearances in total.

As of now, the Boston Celtics are tied up with their all-time rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers in the most titles races. Both franchises have 17 NBA championships, however the Celtics have won more NBA Finals despite the Celtics have much less appearances. 

In the 2022 NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics are facing against the Golden State Warriors in their 22nd NBA Finals appearance. This matchup is the second after their 1964 face-off in this very same stage. In that opportunity, the Celtics won their 7th NBA Championship in a 4-1 game series. Check out the complete list of Celtics' appearances in the Finals below.

Year Finals appearence Result Opponent
1957 1 4-3 W St. Louis Hawks
1958 2 4-2 L St. Louis Hawks
1959 3 4-0 W Minneapolis Lakers
1960 4 4-3 W St. Louis Hawks
1961 5 4-1 W St. Louis Hawks
1962 6 4-3 W Los Angeles Lakers
1963 7 4-2 W Los Angeles Lakers
1964 8 4-1 W San Francisco Warriors
1965 9 4-1 W Los Angeles Lakers
1966 10 4-3 W Los Angeles Lakers
1968 11 4-2 W Los Angeles Lakers
1969 12 4-3 W Los Angeles Lakers
1974 13 4-3 W Milwuakee Bucks
1976 14 4-2 W Phoenix Suns
1981 15 4-2 W Houston Rockets
1984 16 4-3 W Los Angeles Lakers
1985 17 4-2 L Los Angeles Lakers
1986 18 4-2 W Houston Rockets
1987 19 4-2 L Los Angeles Lakers
2008 20 4-2 W Los Angeles Lakers
2010 21 4-3 L Los Angeles Lakers
2022 22   Golden State Warriors