Back in the day, they used to say that offense won games and defense won championships. Now, the modern NBA favors scoring, three-point shooting, and overpowered teams such as the 2017-18 Golden State Warriors and 2020-21 Brooklyn Nets.

That's not bad, it's just a fact, and sometimes; those overpowered teams also happen to play pretty good defense - even if their biggest trait is their firepower. Sometimes, it seems like there's nothing you can do against talent.

The Nets are trying to prove that you can win today by having 3 historically great scorers, even if that means giving up a lot of points on the other end of the floor. Thus far, it has worked, as they're the clear-cut favorites to win their very first NBA championship.

Draymond Green Says Nobody In The East Is Beating The Brooklyn Nets

That's why, when asked to give a bold prediction about his candidate out of the Eastern Conference, Draymond Green didn't even try to make a pick, claiming that it was obvious that the Nets would make the NBA Finals:

"I don't think that you'll get anything bold out of me," Green said. "Who's winning the East? Brooklyn is winning the East! I don't really think that's bold, tho, but who's beating them?"

Charles Barkley remarked that the Milwaukee Bucks had a chance to beat them, to which Green simply replied: "Good luck, Chuck." Then again, the Bucks did get the best of them in the regular season more often than not.

There were several doubts regarding the Nets' ability to coexist. So far, they've proven that they have no problem sharing the wealth, giving up touches, and feeding off each other if that's what it takes to win together.

So, even if may not seem like much of a bold take, chances are that Draymond Green is right. Even with their subpar defense, even if they lack size inside, beating those guys 4 out of 7 times will be an uphill battle.