The Golden State Warriors did something not many other teams in NBA history have been able to do. They successfully build through the draft, taking not only Stephen Curry but all the pieces they needed around him.

One of those pieces is Draymond Green, who rarely gets the recognition he deserves for his impact on both ends of the floor. Until his promotion to a starting role, the Warriors couldn’t unleash their full potential.

That’s why Green, who’s the all-time leader when it comes to assisting Curry’s three-pointers, recently claimed that the greatest shooter of all time wouldn’t have found the same success if it wasn’t for his presence.

Draymond Green Thinks Stephen Curry Wouldn’t Be As Successful Without Him

"Do I think I would have had the success without him? No," Green told FOX Sports. "And I don't think he would've had the success that he's had without me. Do I think we both would've had success? Absolutely."

"We're both equally as driven, we both are winners, we're competitive. When you're a winner, when you're a competitor, you're going to find a way to win,” Green added. “So, I don't have doubt in my mind that we would've found success. But I don't think for either one of us, it would've been at the level that it is. I truly in my heart believe that."

Steve Kerr Says Curry ‘Stabilizes’ Green

Green and Curry have completely different personalities but they’re both proven winners. Per coach Steve Kerr, that polarity and their different characters is what brings balance to the locker room.

"Steph, to his credit, is a stabilizing force for Draymond," Kerr said. "One of the reasons they're so good together is that Steph appreciates Draymond's fire and embraces it. And he has a very calming effect on Draymond and on the team. So, in some ways, they're kind of the yin and the yang, and they lead our team accordingly."

The Warriors are once again the team to beat in the NBA and both Green and Curry deserve plenty of credit for that. Gladly, we don’t have to wonder how their careers would’ve fared without each other.