The have recently become the team everybody wants to hate. Not because of the personalities of their three superstars - which were pretty hated on their own as well - but because of all the big signings they're doing right now.

Some people think that the NBA should do something to try and prevent this from happening, as there's just one very overpowered team and that's going to hurt the league's competitiveness, without a question.

That's why ESPN's Stephen A. Smith went as far as to blame LeBron James for this new trend, claiming that he was the first to do something like this in the Miami Heat and then the Cleveland Cavaliers.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Blames LeBron James For The Brooklyn Nets Superteam

“You know who I ultimately blame for all of this? I blame LeBron James — it’s all his fault. First of all, you go to [South Beach],” Smith said. “Remember when they won the championship in Cleveland, and then the next year he came back and he added [Dwyane] Wade to the mix, and you add Deron Williams to the mix as well? You tried to do something like that in order to repeat as champions. KD [Kevin Durant] ultimately highjacked LeBron because what does he do? He goes Golden State and wins back-to-back titles, should've won a three-peat had he not torn his Achilles (...) now he comes to Brooklyn and this is what he's doing," Stephen A. concluded.

Smith has a valid point right here and not only because LeBron James put together a couple of Superteams of his own but also because the other Superteams were mostly built to stop LeBron James from winning a ring.

It's always fun to watch the best players in the world playing together. That's something that doesn't happen very often. However, if these video-game-like rosters become usual, the league and its stars will lose a lot of their credibility.