For decades, people have debated who the sports' GOAT is. Multiple names are often in the conversation. But throughout the past years, two names often stand out among the rest of the pack: Tom Brady and LeBron James.

Everybody's entitled to their opinion and both athletes have enough accolades and milestones under their belts to back up their case. But, what if you were to put one against the other? And, from an athletic standpoint, who has the edge?

According to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, it shouldn't even be a debate. Recently, he explained why the Los Angeles Lakers forward is the superior playmaker right now, even ahead of Tom Brady.

Stephen A. Smith Says LeBron James, Not Tom Brady, Is The Greatest Playmaker In Sports

"Right now, at this moment, in 18 seasons, LeBron James has 35,367 points. LeBron James has 9,696 assists. LeBron James has shot for his career 50.4% from the field," Smith said. "Ok? And, by the way, yes; he won championships with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Yes, he won another championship with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Yes, he won a championship with Anthony Davis. But LeBron James, despite the greatness he's been around, has universally been recognized -- I mean, right now, I got Kevin Durant as number one -- but he's universally been recognized clearly as the greatest player on his squad. Relentlessly so.

So, when I tell you he doesn't just score. He assists, he runs an offense, he's one of, if not the greatest passer in the game right now. Would you look at all of that and his résumé and you're trying to tell me that Tom Brady is a greater playmaker than LeBron James?" he concluded.


In reality, it's kind of hard to tell who's better, considering they don't even play under the same set of rules or the same sport. But hey, this is exactly the kind of talk we all have when we're having a couple of drinks with some friends. 



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