Regardless of how successful the team has been, every single franchise needs a marksman, a guy that paves the way and inspires those who'll come after him; someone that can put them on the map.

Throughout NBA history, we've witnessed some of the greatest scorers on earth try and lead their teams to the top of the world. Some, obviously, have found more success than their peers and rivals.

Becoming a team's all-time leading scorer is far from easy. You need consistency, health, and even luck by your side. Also, you need to stay loyal to a franchise and for that franchise to pay you back in the same way.

Notably, just 9 active players are currently a team's all-time leading scorer, and Stephen Curry is actually the only player who's still with that franchise (Golden State Warriors). Here, we'll list you every team's all-time leading scorer, as well as its Hall of Fame status.

Every NBA's Team All-Time Leading Scorer

Atlanta Hawks: Dominique Wilkins - 23,292 PTS, Hall of Famer

Boston Celtics: John Havlicek - 26,395 PTS, Hall of Famer

Brooklyn Nets: Brook Lopez - 10,444 PTS, Active, Milwaukee Bucks

Charlotte Hornets: Kemba Walker - 12,009 PTS, Active, Boston Celtics

Chicago Bulls: Michael Jordan - 29,277 PTS, Hall of Famer

Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James - 23,119 PTS, Active, Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Nowitzki - 31,560 PTS, Retired

Denver Nuggets: Alex English - 21,645 PTS, Hall of Famer

Detroit Pistons: Isiah Thomas - 18,822 PTS, Hall of Famer

Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry - 17,818 PTS, Active, Still with the team

Houston Rockets: Hakeem Olajuwon - 26,511 PTS, Hall of Famer

Indiana Pacers: Reggie Miller - 25,279 PTS, Hall of Famer

Los Angeles Clippers: Randy Smith - 12,735 PTS, Retired 

Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant - 33,643 PTS, Hall of Famer

Memphis Grizzlies: Mike Conley - 11,733 PTS, Active, Utah Jazz

Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade - 21,556 PTS, Retired

Milwaukee Bucks: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 14,211 PTS, Hall of Famer

Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin Garnett - 19,201 PTS, Hall of Famer

New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis - 11,059 PTS, Active, Los Angeles Lakers

New York Knicks: Patrick Ewing - 23,665 PTS, Hall of Famer

Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook - 18,859 PTS, Active, Washington Wizards

Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard - 11,434 PTS, Active, Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers: Hal Greer - 21,586 PTS, Hall of Famer

Phoenix Suns: Walter Davis - 15,666 PTS, Retired

Portland Trail Blazers: Clyde Drexler - 18,040 PTS, Hall of Famer

Sacramento Kings: Oscar Robertson - 22,009 PTS, Hall of Famer

San Antonio Spurs: Tim Duncan - 26,496 PTS, Hall of Famer

Toronto Raptors: DeMar DeRozan - 13,296 PTS, Active, San Antonio Spurs

Utah Jazz: Karl Malone - 36,374 PTS, Hall of Famer

Washington Wizards: Elvin Hayes - 15,551 PTS, Hall of Famer