Zion Williamson entered the NBA Draft as perhaps the most hyped and expected prospect since LeBron James himself. And while we had to wait to watch him play because of an injury, it's clear that he's lived up to the expectations thus far.

Williamson is dominating opposing defenses almost as will, the same way he did in high school and college. He's bullying his way to the rim, taking advantage of his physical traits and proving to be a force of nature we hadn't seen since Shaquille O'Neal.

That's why Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd recently said that he would choose Zion Williamson over Jimmy Butler, LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, and Luka Doncic as the guy to build an NBA team around.

Colin Cowherd Chooses Zion Williamson As The Best Player To Build An NBA Team Around Right Now

“As an owner, I get the merchandising. As a GM, I get the efficiency. As a coach, I get the relatability and likability. 24 straight games with 20+ points. (That's the) Longer streak in NBA history for any player under 21. He’s only 20 years old. 24 straight games with 20+ points shooting over 50%. He’s the most efficient player in the league. Also in the last month, he’s shooting the most free-throws," Cowherd started.

"So, he is literally getting your best players into foul trouble, which Luka (Doncic) doesn’t do. I mean, he’s efficient, he’s dominant, he gets to the free-throw line, he gets you into foul trouble. he’s gonna sell a ton of merchandise. He’s a totally transformational, marketing player. The smile, the game, the strength, the volume, he’s everything,” he concluded.

While some people may think that this is a hot take, well, he's got a point. Zion is yet to play a full season in the NBA and he's already making a fool out of veterans and making the strongest players second-guess taking a charge from him.

More than that, Williamson is more than just a strong core and some nice hops. He continues to develop his game every single night out there and the sky seems to be the limit for him if he manages to stay healthy.