The Brooklyn Nets have one of the most stacked rosters in the history of the NBA. Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are a video game-like trio, so there's no wonder why they're clear-cut favorites to win it all.

But, not many people seem to be on board with the Nets. Some don't sympathize with them because of the way they put that Big 3 together, with Harden forcing his way out of the Houston Rockets.

Harden and other stars set a precedent that doesn't please several fans. Now, Ben Simmons seems to be taking some pages out of his book as he's also looking to force his way out of his team. But, according to Harden, they have two completely different situations.

Harden Says His Situation Isn't Like Ben Simmons'

“I stay out of it. That’s not my situation. Mine was totally different. But hey, I’m here in Brooklyn,” Harden told the New York Post. “It was a little uncomfortable for me just because I don’t like a lot of attention, especially negative or draining energy. I like to be in a good place. I like to smile and have people around me smiling and good vibes. So it was kind of a little uncomfortable for me. But I had to go through it and on the other side I’m happy to where I am now. Hopefully everybody forgot about it. Hopefully everybody moved on and everybody is great.”


Harden Blocked All Outside Noise About Kyrie Irving

That's not the only controversy that has surrounded the Nets organization as of late. Kyrie Irving's status for the season is up in the air as he refuses to get a Covid-19 vaccine, meaning he'd be forced to sit out for half of the campaign:

“That’s hard[core]. I don’t even know,” Harden said.I didn’t even know CNN [was] talking about us. I didn’t know Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] and [Shaquille O’Neal] talked about us. Obviously, I know Kyrie, but I don’t know who’s talking about him. I don’t pay attention to stuff. I stay out of that. Kyrie’s going to handle that stuff, and I just focus on training camp and preparing for a great season that we’re about to have.”


Obviously, it's not like Harden will throw his teammate under the bus and address that delicate situation. But the Nets should be quite worried about what their unpredictable superstar might say or do next.