The James Harden saga has come to an end, as the Brooklyn Nets have finally put their hands on the Beard, who was reportedly pushing to get traded to that exact team during the NBA offseason. After Harden called out his teammates on Tuesday night, the NBA world knew it was a matter of time before we see him wearing a different uniform in the league.

Harden was pushing to get shipped elsewhere before the start of the season and after he took things to the next level, the Houston Rockets didn’t move as fast as he wanted them. It was reported that they were confident Harden would stay this season but none of that happened. 

Now things are starting fresh for the team and the player, while the rest of the world is almost on fire after this move. Of course, the NBA community didn’t let this trade go like another move. They took to social media to deliver their best memes and reactions to the first blockbuster deal of the decade. 

NBA fans react to James Harden trade: Memes and reactions 

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Harden is headed to Brooklyn in a three-team deal with the Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Philadelphia 76ers were also in the race to get Harden but now he'll reunite with former teammate Kevin Durant in New York.

NBA fans were quick to react to it and they delivered very good memes and reactions, as other fans still try to understand what is going one between these franchises. 

Harden's level has decreased this season, and his numbers are the biggest proof of that. He's averaging just 24.8 points per game, nearly 10 points worse than last year's 34.3. He led the league in points last season.

Now things are having a fresh start for the Nets and the Rockets, who could have solved two big problems at the same time with this blockbuster move.