A day doesn't go by around the NBA if people don't talk non-stop about Kyrie Irving and his never-ending antics. The Brooklyn Nets star always makes his way to the headlines, but not often for basketball-related reasons.

Why incredibly and undeniably talented and impactful, it's been a while since we've talked about Kyrie for his great performances on the court. Now, he's made the news for -- unsurprisingly, being at the top of an anti-vaxx conspiracy theory movement.

Multiple personalities have had a lot to say about Irving's shenanigans. Now, you can add former NBA coah Jeff Van Gundy to that list, as he wasn't exactly kind to him during an NBA preseason broadcast.

Jeff Van Gundy Rips Kyrie Irving

“You know what drives me crazy? ‘I’m doing my own research.'” Van Gundy said. “What does that look like – you doing your own research? Are you doing studies yourself? Are you in the lab on a nightly basis? What are you doing? I don’t understand what that means, ‘I’m doing my own research’."

Van Gundy went on to say that the league trusts people who are smarter and more prepared than NBA players and that, in reality, the Nets don't even need Kyrie to win an NBA Championship:

“We’ve got really smart people, a lot smarter than anybody in the NBA, who’s already done the research,” the former coach added. “And, I’ll say this. They’re [the Nets] good enough even if Kyrie Irving doesn’t play. They can win it.”

Irving has yet to report to the team and is unlikely to play at home this season. He's free to do whatever he pleases but at some point, you've got to wonder whether he's worth all the trouble. With Kevin Durant and James Harden on my team, I'd have to say no.