The Brooklyn Nets have been all over the news since the start of last season, as they managed to sign both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. People around the NBA knew that it was just a matter of time before they were both at full strength and dominating the East.

Fast-forward to today and not only they were right but they also managed to land James Harden, putting together perhaps the most offensively overpowered lineup in basketball history.

To add injury to insult, the Nets made a couple of interesting moves and also signed LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin, and they now hold the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Kevin Durant On The Nets' Big 3: It's All About Ego

But, when asked about how they managed to mesh that good and how the Big 3 has been so dominant despite featuring three ball-dominant players, Durant acknowledged that it was just about checking their ego:

“I think our experiences with Team USA definitely help because when you are in that environment, I won’t say you have to shrink yourself, but you have to check your ego and figure out when you need to use it. We hold each other accountable when stuff happens. I think that’s one of the things that helped us learn how to play with each other," the two-time Finals MVP told Rachel Nichols of ESPN.

Durant also said that, being three smart players with a high basketball IQ, it's been simple and easy for them to improve on a daily basis, especially when Harden gave them his input as an outsider when he arrived at the team:

“The second James got here, he was pulling us to the side; telling us different things he sees out on the court. I think our IQ for the game and our communication has helped us thus far,” Durant concluded.

It's still early to tell but it seems like the Nets actually have a big shot to make it to the NBA Finals. But even if they don't, this team will be scary good for many years to come with these 3 superstars sharing the court.