There is a popular phrase that dictates that there are times when the "enemy is in one's own house". And in the case of the Brooklyn Nets, sports analyst Shannon Sharpe noted that the team's superstar, Kevin Durant, is reportedly being hindered from winning an NBA title by a teammate on his own team.

Kevin Durant's future was in the spotlight for many months after the end of the NBA season, because his desire was to leave the Nets after two years to forget. Many rumors placed him, for example, in teams like the Golden State Warriors, where he was two-time league champion.

However, something happened in Durant's mind that led him to take on the challenge of staying to be the star that the Brooklyn Nets need to break their long drought of NBA titles. Will KD be able to defeat this supposed internal enemy and shine at last?

Shannon Sharpe gives away the player who would be wasting Kevin Durant's time

Sharpe is a noted sports commentator and analyst. He is undoubtedly one of the best tight ends in NFL history. He knows what it's like to be inside an elite dress. So with all his experience he dared to point out Kyrie Irving as an element that is only hindering Kevin Durant in the latter's attempt to make the Nets NBA champions.

"Kyrie just want to be Kyrie. He wants to be this deep thinker, got people thinking that you know, he should be teaching at Harvard. But he just gets on my nerves. He just annoy me.If that's what he wants to do, don't be wasting KD, don't be wasting taking these people money. Go set up something where you can do all these conspiracy theories, get you a podcast and get your own thing and do your own thing. I like to think that most players want to win or try to win a championship. I know KD is trying to win a championship and this man wasting KD's time with some bull jive.", stated Sharpe in the Skip and Shannon: Undisputed Fox's show.

Harsh words for Kyrie Irving who also doesn't have many ways to defend himself after his contribution to the Brooklyn Nets hasn't been much greater than Kevin Durant's either. Will they finally manage to combine their great talents to take their franchise to the top of the NBA?