The Los Angeles Lakers were doomed and condemned to not even making the NBA playoffs last season. Then, the front office worked its magic and gave LeBron James a very good supporting cast.

The Lakers still were no match for the eventual champion Denver Nuggets, but they were quite close in all four losses, and it feels like they’re just a piece away from being a legit championship contender.

So, now that it’s become more than evident that Anthony Davis will never step up and be the alpha dog, the Lakers need to keep their youngins at all costs. And according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Rockets could look to steal a couple of those away.

NBA Rumors: Rockets Could Target Rui Hachimura And Austin Reaves

“Equipped with so much spending power, the most in the NBA, and a coach, Ime Udoka, that is popular among NBA players, the Rockets have not prioritized specific targets as much as a pool of players to pursue,wrote Feigen.

“According to a person with knowledge of their thinking, they have interest in the Lakers’ Rui Hachimura and Austin Reaves, the [Brooklyn] Nets’ Cam Johnson, the [Golden State] Warriors’ Donte DiVincenzo, the [Memphis] Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks, the [Toronto] Raptors’ Jakob Poeltl and the [Dallas] Mavericks’ Dwight Powell. Media reports have tied them to James Harden and Fred VanVleet,” the report added.

So, Rob Pelinka better get to work to make sure to have their rising stars locked in for years to come, as they were quite valuable in the playoffs and should be a part of their project for the future.