LeBron James is very active on social media and when he has to celebrate or condemn something, he will use all his platforms to do it. That was the case with Devin Booker on Tuesday night after the Phoenix Suns guard was snubbed from the 2021 All-Star Game

It can be a political post, something related to the NBA, and even fans trolling the King, but he’s not a stranger to social media and recently took to Instagram to celebrate one of the biggest parts of his life, his son Bronny James

The teenager has been one of the most famous names in the world of basketball recently, either for good or bad things, but LeBron has always been supportive of his first-born, and he didn’t miss the chance to do it again when Bronny was featured in a documentary. 

LeBron James hypes up Bronny James after an appearance on a documentary 

Bronny was featured in a documentary about Sierra Canyon High School, where LeBron’s first son plays. Like every other father in the world, Bron took to Instagram to celebrate his kid and showed a little part of the 16-year-old talking about one of his games. 

This kid is expected to do big things in his basketball career and knowing that his father is one of the greatest NBA players of all time, the pressure is big over his shoulders. However, he’s doing just fine now and people expect things to be like that. 

Last year, Bronny was caught smoking a joint of marijuana and fans went crazy with that short video of the kid. A lot has happened since that moment and things are better for Bronny and his father. James can’t be prouder of this young man and he doesn’t miss a chance to show his love.