The Phoenix Suns were perhaps the biggest winner of the NBA offseason. On top of trading for Bradley Beal, the team surrounded Kevin Durant with plenty of depth at every position.

However, there are still some doubts about Deandre Ayton’s future with the organization, as the former first-overall pick doesn’t seem happy with the team that drafted him.

With that in mind, NBA insider Dalton Triggs reveals that the Dallas Mavericks could re-engage trade talks for Ayton, as they had already tried to get him prior to the Draft.

Mavericks Could Go After Deandre Ayton

“Given that McGee was apparently the biggest disagreement the Mavs and Suns had in their Ayton talks, wouldn’t it be feasible to envision those conversations potentially coming up again sometime before the season begins,Trigg wrote.

Would Phoenix take Hardaway and Holmes straight up with McGee out of the way, or would they now push for draft compensation as well,” the report concluded.

Of course, this will all depend on Ayton’s efforts — or lack thereof — during his days with Frank Vogel, but a trade away from the Valley of the Sun shouldn’t be ruled out now.