He's a four-time NBA champion, the only unanimous MVP in NBA history, and the greatest shooter of all time. However, no matter how many individual or team awards and accolades he wins, some will never consider Stephen Curry as one of the best players of all time.

That's the case with Gilbert Arenas, who's taken multiple shots at the Golden State Warriors star as of late. Arenas believes LeBron James is the GOAT, and Steph is just a very good player who may not go down as one of the best to ever do it.

In fact, Arenas believes his race will always put Magic Johnson ahead of Curry. Per the former All-Star, Magic's impact was bigger because racism was still at its peak during the Showtime Lakers era.

NBA News: Gilbert Arenas Says Steph Curry Will Never Be Ahead Of Magic Johnson

"When you're talking about the impact Magic made on the game, you gotta remember," Arenas said. "You're talking about Hall of Fame and when you're talking about impact. Even though they're both impact players, Magic was in that time where racism was still hot."

"You know Magic-Bird, that whole thing, it was a big movement," Arenas added. "I really don't even think that the world would allow you to put Steph in front of Magic. I mean you're gonna maybe 30-40 years from now when some of those older guys die off.

Curry Will Never Be The GOAT Because Of His Height, Claims Arenas

That could be a valid point, and Magic sure has enough on his résumé to be considered the greatest point guard of all time. However, Arenas also believes height takes a toll on Curry's potential GOAT status:

"He's gonna always be slighted because he's little," the former All-Star said. "We have this idea of what a GOAT is supposed to be, 6-6 and above. And when it comes to smaller guys, you have to do so much more to get the same credit."

"He's not a highlight reel when it comes to jumping and dunking and all this aerial stuff. He's a floor general," Arenas added. "When you do a highlight reel and you have all the GOATs, you got one that's just purely mesmerizing on shots."

That's just a weird take. And even though we can all agree that Curry has a long way to go before being considered the greatest player of all time, this just feels like flat-out hating at this point.