The Golden State Warriors always had high hopes for Jordan Poole. They held onto him through his well-documented rookie struggles, developed him, and are now watching him blossom into one of the league's finest talents.

But that doesn't come without a pinch of controversy, as the young star is demanding more playing time with his outstanding performances. And while that's not an issue per sé, it means that a veteran needs to take a step back.

So, when asked about whether Poole was actually competing with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for minutes, coach Steve Kerr opened up on the expectations and how he needs to back that up on the court.

NBA News: Steve Kerr Opens Up On Jordan Poole's Competition For Playing Time

"It's healthy," Kerr said, per The Athletic. "Jordan now is part of the group. You have to earn that by performing in the playoffs. I think that's where the vets will really embrace you. But at the same time, you gotta back it up every year. I think there's a healthy vibe right now of Jordan feeling like he's a big part of the group, but the older guys still having fun with him."

Poole Is Unbothered By His Contract Situation

The Dubs and Poole's camp are working on getting a contract extension done before the start of the season, a task that could be complicated given their salary cap situation. However, the 23-year-old is unfazed by that situation:

"We did what we needed to do last year. Got a championship as a team, and obviously, that's something that's out there, but I'm going to let my reps handle that," Poole said. "I have confidence that we'll work something out. I'm just here to play basketball and excited to be back with the team. However, we go into the season is however we go in. I'm going to play my game, continue to be me, and put everything forth to help us win games, whatever the situation or circumstance is."

The Warriors could have one of the most explosive and offensively dominant three-headed monsters on the court for years to come. Hopefully, they'll find a way to make the numbers work.