Jimmy Butler has been the offensive leader of the Miami Heat since he was traded to the Florida's franchise. To the Heat's fan base this situation can only remind them when Dwayne Wade was key to the Heat's success in the Eastern Conference. And of course, when LeBron James led them to their last 2 NBA championships.

Jimmy Butler has played 3 seasons for the Miami franchise but his impact has been quickly noted. The Miami Heat has clinched 2 Eastern Conference finals and 1 NBA Championship runners-up alongside the Houston-born player. Whereas James and Wade's legacy to the Heat is their  NBA Championship. 

However, Butler's legacy is just starting, however he has already clinched a new milestone as a Heat player. This stat might not be as much as titles, however its a very obvious sign that the Heat-Butler history its worth writing on the NBA books.

Jimmy Butler joins LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in a new milestone as a Heat player

LeBron James played for 4 seasons in the Miami Heat, the Akron-born superstar won 2 NBA Championships among other individual awards such as MVP and Finals MVP. In addition, he was one of the most dominant players in the postseason in the Miami Heat's history book. LeBron James has 33 games with more than 30+ points in the NBA Playoffs as a Heat player. 

Dwayne Wade is if not the greatest Heat's legend of all time, the player that started all this journey for them. He played 13 seasons with the Miami franchise. He clinched 3 NBA Championships with them, he has got the record of most points in the Miami's playoffs history with 3864 points. Dwayne Wade has 34 games with more than 30+ points in the NBA Playoffs as a Heat player, making him the 1st in this list.

If you still wonder where does Jimmy Butler enters in all of this, here is why. Jimmy Butler is the 3rd Miami Heat player to have at least 10 games with more than 30+ points in the NBA Playoffs as a Heat player. He clinched the 10th game milestone in Game 1 of the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics.