Even though he managed to stay put with the Philadelphia 76ers during the NBA Draft, it seems likeBen Simmons’ relationship with the team has reached a point of no return. Now, it’s not a matter of if he’ll be traded but a matter of when and where to.

According to multiple reports, Daryl Morey’s asking price for Simmons was way too steep. Despite his youth and upside, no one seemed willing to meet Morey’s demands, thus making a trade quite unlikely.

But now, Simmons has reportedly cut off all communications with his team and it seems like his relationship with Joel Embiid is unfixable at this point. Per reports, he’d be willing to be traded to the Lakers, Clippers, or Warriors.

Ben Simmons Could End Up In California

“Ben Simmons’ relationship reportedly “beyond repair” is ignoring Joel Embiid’s phone calls. Doesn’t want to get traded to Raptors or Blazers. Open to getting traded to one of the California teams,” according to Jason Dumas of Bleacher Report.

Among all the teams in California, just the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors have enough assets to actually pull off a trade for Simmons. Then again, his ties with LeBron James and Klutch Sports could force Rob Pelinka’s hand to make a move.

The Warriors are reportedly interested in Simmons’ services but are unwilling to meet the Sixers’ steep price of two young players, Andrew Wiggins, and 3 to 4 future first-round picks. That’s just not going to happen.

Simmons seems unlikely to play for the Sixers next year, but getting him out of the City of Brotherly Love will be easier said than done.