The Chicago Bulls have been quite aggressive in their pursuit of talent recently. They signed Alex Caruso, Lonzo Ball, and DeMar DeRozan to revamp an already promising roster, but injuries got in their way last season.

At full strength, the Bulls were the best team in the Eastern Conference last year. But their defense took a massive toll with all the injuries, and there are some big questions about them entering this season.

So, if Ball can't play due to his injured knee and the Bulls struggle early in the season, former coach David Thorpe believes the Miami Heat could swoop in and make a big move for DeRozan.

NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Trade For DeMar DeRozan

"If the Bulls struggle out of the gate the way they limped home last season, DeRozan could return some real mid- and long-term value to a Bulls team featuring Zach LaVine, Pat Williams, and a troupe of young guards," wrote Thorpe. "Coming off a monster season, DeRozan’s stock will never be higher."

"The Heat—with Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and Nikola Jović—have the pieces to bring DeRozan to South Beach," Thorpe explained. "A DeRozan-Jimmy Butler wing pairing would give Miami a better offensive edge (especially if Butler doubles the number of 3s he took in the regular season, as he did in the playoffs) to overcome the Bucks and the Celtics without sacrificing overall defense. In return, the Bulls get a manageable contract in Robinson’s, a great prospect in Jović, and a budding star in Herro, who they would likely want the Heat to sign and extend as part of any deal."

While the Bulls would love to keep DeMar on board, this deal would put them in a better position for the future. Also, Herro could actually be a better fit next to LaVine. On the other hand, the Heat would add yet another star to make another championship run, so this deal actually makes sense for both teams.