Ben Simmons has been the man of the hour in the NBA for the past couple of seasons, and not because of his great performances with the Philadelphia 76ers. Instead, the former first overall pick has decided to sit out until he finds a new home.

The Sixers don't want to take a penny on the dollar on him. He's young, is under team control for several years, and has enough upside to gauge a steep price in the trade market. However, teams won't overpay for a guy who wants out.

Therefore, Simmons and the Sixers have been engaged in a never-ending circle of trade rumors. But, for the first time in months, it seems like there's been some traction in trade talks, with multiple Western Conference teams inquiring about him.

NBA Rumors: Pelicans Want To Trade For Ben Simmons

"I heard the Pelicans discussed trading future first-round picks and pick swaps with the 76ers for Ben Simmons, league sources told HoopsHype," reported Michael Scotto. "Brandon Ingram was not involved in the talks, I’m told, at least as of now. With Zion Williamson’s latest injury setback, it’s unclear how that could move the needle for the Pelicans in their efforts to land Simmons."

Simmons Would Like To Play For The Spurs

"The Spurs also know that Popovich’s presence still resonates with many players more than anything else San Antonio has to offer as a destination," Marc Stein reported. "Example: I’ve heard that Ben Simmons would welcome the opportunity to play for Popovich if the Spurs found a way to acquire him. San Antonio’s efforts to crash the trade hunt for Simmons have been well-chronicled, but Philadelphia remains intent on holding out for Portland’s Damian Lillard or another proven All-Star in a Simmons swap."

Timberwolves Are Also A Team To Watch

"ESPN reporting with @ZachLowe_NBA: Philadelphia's trade conversations on Ben Simmons gathering momentum in recent days. More teams engaged, more two and three-way deal structure talks ongoing as 76ers try to land a Top 25 player for Simmons," Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported. "Told that the #Timberwolves have been in touch with Philly in recent days. But same hurdles remain," Darren Wolfson added.

All things considered, Simmons is good enough to roll the dice and part ways with multiple assets. But in reality, no one's going to pay as much as Daryl Morey wants for him. So he'll have to choose to either stay empty-handed or meet someone in the middle.