The Philadelphia 76ers wasted years of contention to get multiple lottery picks. They used those to draft the two cornerstones of their franchise in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. But sadly, it seems like ‘The Process’ is about to come to an end.

While Embiid has blossomed into one of the league’s best and most dominant players, Simmons’ development has stalled. He’s an elite defender and playmaker but hasn’t improved as a scorer and he’s been exposed badly in the playoffs.

But more than that, it seems like Simmons’ relationship with the team has reached a breaking point. Thus, it’s not a matter of whether he’ll be traded or not but when and where he’ll be traded to.

Kendrick Perkins Says Ben Simmons Wants To Be Traded

According to former NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins, Simmons has cut off the Sixers’ organization and most of the players as well in an attempt to force his way out of the City of Brotherly Love:

"Ben Simmons is not answering the phone calls," said Perkins. "He don’t want to be with the 76ers, and from what I heard, he’s willing not to report to training camp, and will go as long as it takes for him to get out of Philly."

Sixers Will Most Likely Trade Ben Simmons

That confirms several reports that claim that Simmons’ relationship with Doc Rivers could be a catalyst of his desire to leave. Also, some around the league believe that he’s not going to be on the team when the season starts:

“The relationship between Simmons and Doc Rivers, it’s worth noting, suffered significant damage that some believe is irreparable, though the Sixers would tell you when pressed on this they believe things can be worked out and fences can be mended,” reported Kyle Neubeck of the Philly Voice.

"I think he's gonna get moved… I felt like, talking to people I spoke to and sources, they all thought it was going to happen in the preseason. Happen maybe right before training camp, in training camp, what have you. Maybe right before the final rosters. But the belief is that he is still going to get traded. I think that's right,” said NBA insider Keith Pompey.

Simmons is way too talented and pretty young so there’s no wonder why multiple teams are inquiring about him. But given his desire to leave, it seems unlikely that someone will be willing to meet the Sixers’ steep asking price for him.