The Russell Westbrook experiment didn't work out for the Los Angeles Lakers. He had arguably the worst season of his career since his rookie year and was often blamed for the team's struggles.

Coach Frank Vogel made the decision to sit Westbrook down the stretch. He wasn't on the floor in the clutch or in overtime. Needless to say, Russ was far from satisfied with how Vogel dealt with his minutes.

That's why hip hop superstar and diehard Lakers fan Snoop Dogg thinks Vogel is to blame for Westbrook's struggles. According to Snoop, he never allowed him to get his 'groove' and messed up his confidence.

NBA News: Snoop Dogg Rips Frank Vogel, Blames Him For Russell Westbrook's Tough Season

“He’s a killer. He’ll find himself out of it," Snoop said. "Remember, the coach wasn’t f****g with him. Coach used to sit him on the bench, take him out the game. That f***swith your mentality too, when you’re this great, and you’ve got this coach telling you, ‘Sit down, hold on,’ then when you get in, you definitely reckless because you ain’t in a groove. Basketball is a groove thing."

"The coach and the player have to be on the same page to where you understand my minutes affect the way I play, and by you sitting me down, you affecting the way I play because now I can’t do the things I normally do," Snoop elaborated. "Now I’m out here rushing and trying to get people involved instead of just running the game. Russell ain’t never sit on the bench... So now you got him sitting the bench for the Lakers? Come on man."

To be fair, Westbrook was playing poorly before getting benched. But Vogel should also get plenty of blame for never figuring out how to better use the assets he had at hand. Now, he's been shown the door and Russ will most likely follow.