The Golden State Warriors fought with bones and nails throughout the NBA season but they still missed the playoffs for the second straight season. Stephen Curry's heroics were simply not enough to get the job done.

Nonetheless, the two-time MVP is still heavily invested in the remainders of the season, as he recently said in an interview that he's not the kind of player that turns off the TV just because he's not playing.

Moreover, Steph made quite a bold prediction about the upcoming NBA Finals. Not only did he say that the Philadelphia 76ers will win the ring but also, that his brother Seth will be named Finals MVP.

Stephen Curry Says He Still Watches The Playoffs Despite Not Playing

“I’m not the type to turn them off because I’m not playing,” Curry told Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle. “That first Memphis-Utah game was hard, because I imagined in my head, mentally and physically, that we should be playing right now. Once we got that over, I was good. I love watching and playing. The whole deal.”

“I’m a pseudo-Sixer fan now,” Curry added, stating that he thinks that the Sixers will match up vs. the Utah Jazz at the ultimate stage.

Well, this certainly doesn't come as a surprise as the Curry brothers have always been quite close. Nonetheless, Seth being Finals MVP is way more than wishful thinking, especially with Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons also on the team.

The Philadelphia 76ers still need to get past the Atlanta Hawks and then beat either the Milwaukee Bucks or Brooklyn Nets to make it to the NBA Finals. Then, they'd have a tough time beating the Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, or Utah Jazz. But, barring a major injury, they have what it takes to get the job done.