Stephen Curry will probably be, at least for a long time, the best basketball player ever to put the Golden State Warriors' uniform. Considered one of the best - if not the greatest - shooter in the entire NBA history, Curry has won many rings with the Warriors, received the MVP award twice, and got called up to the All-Star game seven times. 

The point-guard got all of these recognitions belonging only to this franchise in the league. We have never seen his magic in another team, and it is really hard to imagine Steph wearing other colors than Golden State's. Curry not only is their most important figure ever, but he also is the face of the organization.

That's a very strong reason to believe he won't be moving anywhere else. However, the fact that his contract will be expiring soon and missing the opportunity to extend it earlier raised doubts. Here, find out when his deal runs out.

When is Stephen Curry a free agent?

Stephen Curry would become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2021-2022 season unless he puts pen to paper for a new deal. There's still plenty of time to negotiate for an extension, but when the two parties had the opportunity to arrange it before the current season began, they didn't agree terms.

Stephen Curry's contract is set to expire at the end of 2021/22 season (Getty).

Bob Myers, president of basketball operations, didn't seem to be worried, though. On 95.7 The Game's "Steiny, Guru & Dibs" show, he stated that they just decided to talk about it at the end of the year.

"I feel pretty good about him wanting to be around. I don't personally have any -- besides the paranoid fears that everybody has that aren't really rational -- besides once in awhile, 'Well what if this happened?' But those aren't based on fact," he added. 

The rumors linking Steph to teaming-up with LeBron James 

Can we get to see these two playing in the same NBA team? (Getty).

The most likely scenario for Curry's future is that he stays at Golden State and probably finishes his career with the only NBA team he ever played for. Still, as long as his deal continues set to expire at the end of 2021-2022, there will be plenty of rumors about his future. 

Even LeBron James has apparently made some moves looking forward to Curry's potential free agency. According to NBA Insider Brian Windhorst from ESPN, the current Lakers' figure started to work for recruiting the point-guard in the All-Star 2021, when he selected Steph for his team. 

Well, such a movement seems to be too perfect to be true. Although it would be historic, these two teaming up at the Lakers seems unlikely. Curry looks set to be the iconic one-franchise man for the Golden State Warriors, where he already became a legend. He still has one more year left of contract with the option to sign for four or five more in the next offseason.