The Golden State Warriors made quite the bold move when they traded away D’Angelo Russell to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Needless to say, it worked out pretty well, as they now have a high pick in the upcoming NBA Draft thanks to that move.

But more than that, the Warriors got a solid piece in Andrew Wiggins. The former first-overall pick became a much better defender last season and looks like a renewed player under Steve Kerr’s tutelage.

Nonetheless, given his contract and youth, he’s been often mentioned in trade talks since arriving at the Bay area, as the Warriors are reportedly looking forward to adding another star this summer.

Warriors Aren’t Committed To Keeping Andrew Wiggins

That’s why Warriors executive Kirk Lacob came clean and was brutally honest when asked about Wiggins and his future. While the Warriors aren’t actively trying to trade him, he refused to acknowledge that they wouldn’t move him in the right scenario:

“It is so easy to trade people 50 times on paper,” Lacob told NBC Sports. "Look, we are always honest with guys too. I have talked to Andrew’s agent many, many times over the last year, and he will call and say ‘hey, you know I’m hearing this’ and I’m always [to Andrew] like ‘look, you should feel very comfortable here, you are very well-liked. Am I going to tell you that you will never get traded at any point? No, I would never tell anybody that."

“We never want to lie to someone," Lacob added. “Now that doesn’t mean that is what they want to hear, but we don’t want to lie to a player or agent because that looks bad if something does happen, even if it is a remote chance.”

That’s perhaps one of the things that make the Warriors a top-notch organization. They do what’s best for the franchise but also care about their players and respect them enough to at least be straightforward with them.

Wiggins has been a solid pickup for the Warriors. He may be overpaid but he had an outstanding season last year and can be a key piece in a title contender. But this is a business and no one’s safe. Everybody’s trying to get better.