The Golden State Warriors began the 2021-22 NBA season as weak favorites and were heavily criticized by sports analysts. They didn't have the best offensive game of the season, but with 111 PPG (15th of 30th) it was enough to get past the Celtics.

Kerr is one of the few head coaches who knows what it takes to win an NBA Championship since during his player years he won five rings, four of which were consecutive playing for the Bulls and Spurs.

The Warriors never needed special players to win but during their back-to-back titles (2016-17 and 2017-18) they had Kevin Durant on the roster and he was a fundamental part of those victories.

Video: Steve Kerr predicting the Warriors' fourth ring back in 2014

Steve Kerr was a color commentator for NBA on TNT until 2014 when he had to part ways with that job and also sell his Suns minority share to start his coaching career with the Golden State Warriors.


During his farewell from his commentator job he told his colleagues: “...I have to earn the pop [Greg Popovich] thing, pop had to earn the one-word answers… so I… You know maybe if we win four championship like the Spurs have I’ll go down that path….”