Dak Prescott won’t be part of the Dallas Cowboys lineup until the 2021 NFL season. The talented quarterback suffered a gruesome injury in Week 5 of the 2020 NFL campaign. The 27-year-player was having a great season, individually speaking, trying to earn that huge contract he wanted before the start of the season. 

Well, things didn’t work like that for him this season and he’ll miss the remainder of this season. Prescott will surely return stronger and hungrier to the gridiron, trying to shut down those comments claiming his career is pretty much over after this injury. 

That is not the case and the young player is set to prove it. The good thing for him is that he has the support of his team, especially the owner, Jerry Jones, who recently ended any potential rumor of the Cowboys drafting a quarterback to replace Prescott. 

Jerry Jones shuts down rumors of Cowboys replacing Prescott with a rookie QB

Some people have claimed it’s time for Dallas to open their options and see what they can see in the draft. Prescott is still young but not everybody is convinced he can return to the same level he had before going down. 

That doesn’t matter to Mr. Jones, who made it clear that his team isn’t planning to bring anybody in to replace Prescott. During a recent appearance on 105.3 The Fan, he was asked if it was crazy to think that the team was planning to draft a quarterback and his answer was crystal clear. 

“Yes, you ask me if it’s crazy to bring the idea up? And I’ve answered it, yes. It’s not the thing to be talking about at all. Dak is our quarterback,” he said.

This would be ironic knowing that Prescott was drafted and he basically took Tony Romo’s job, which prompted the latter to retire after 13 years with the team. Dak has a bright future ahead and he was playing to get the bag. 

Jones and the Cowboys fans expect him to return stronger than ever, ready to take them to relive old glories.