The NFL Draft is the main event of the offseason and one that's determinant for the next football year. It is a highly-expected moment in which the future stars from the league are picked by different franchises.

Anyone who loves this sport can be talking about the Draft even months before it takes place. Teams speculate during the season how they are going to act in that selection, and college players are watched closely for months.

The future of many franchises could be depending on their decisions on the draft day. That's why many fans are keen to see who will be the promising talent to arrive at their city, and many want to live that moment live. Here, find out more about how the 2021 NFL Draft will be held.

Who can attend to 2021 NFL Draft 

The 2021 NFL Draft will take place in Cleveland with a mix between present people on-site while others will be following it remotely. The 32 franchises will select a fan each to represent them at the 'Inner Circle', where they'll be seated in the front row to the NFL Draft Main Stage. These fans must be fully vaccinated.

However, the NFL Draft Experience, meaning the interactive football theme park, will be free and open to the public in the three days of the event. Still, it will be required to book a place previously so that capacity is not exceeded. Reservations could be made through the NFL OnePass app.

Moreover, every fan who attends the free draft activities will have to wear face coverings and respect the appropriate physical distancing for a safe experience.