DeAndre Hopkins will miss multiples games with the Arizona Cardinals in the 2022 NFL season due to a PED suspension. The league had no mercy on him, punishing Hopkins with a stiff six-game suspension.

Obviously it is not the first time that a Cardinals player gets suspended, other players from the same franchise such as Patrick Peterson who was suspended for six games in 2019, another player was Bobby Massie in 2015, a total of twelve Cardinals players have been suspended since 1995.

But no Cardinals' player who has been suspended by PED's is in the Hall of Fame, the franchise has 22 HOF's and none of them are on the list of suspended for violating the substance policies while they were playing for the Cards.

What did Larry Fitzgerald say about DeAndre Hopkins?

Larry Fitzgerald supported DeAndre Hopkins saying that he should be a hall of famer regardless of the PED suspension. According to Fitzgerald the most important thing is the stats and what the player did during his career with the Cardinals. Fitzgerald told TMZ: “...He'll work through it. It's just some adversity and, you know, he's a tough guy, resourceful, and he'll work his way through it...”

The support Hopkins is receiving from Fitzgerald serves as leverage while the NFL take his case into account when analyzing the situation. Hopkins is likely to become a hall of famer, his personal stats support his position.