When Christian McCaffrey decided to join the San Francisco 49ers, he did it with the main purpose of getting titles. Unfortunately, the running back wasn't able to do it in his first season at California and los the NFC Championship, which of course caused him a lot of pain.

CMC is definitely one of the best running backs in the league right now. His time with the Carolina Panthers was over and they decided to trade him to the 49ers in order to get good draft picks for an elite player.

The 26-year-old landed in San Francisco with the main objective of helping their offense, but it was not enough what he did after the 49ers had bigger issues regarding their quarterbacks.

Christian McCaffrey on losing the NFC title: 'It's tough to win a football game without a quarterback'

McCaffrey's move to the 49ers shocked everybody in 2022. The Panthers needed draft picks and they got them from San Francisco, who received a very solid running back.

The 2017 1st-overall pick changed team for the first time in order to land in a more competitive team. San Francisco looked like it, but they had a big problem to fight for the NFC title: their quarterback's injuries.

"It's tough to win a football game in the NFL without a quarterback, especially in the NFC Championship Game against a defense like that," McCaffrey said. "You know, you don't practice a whole lot of Veer in practice, you don't practice a lot of emergency quarterback. Not to say you don't practice it, but it's just not something that's ideal, especially with a whole half of football left, so we were just trying to do whatever we could at the time."

It seems like the 49ers are sticking to Trey Lance as quarterback for the next season, but he must stay healthy in order to prove why is he the starter and keep the job.

In Carolina, McCaffrey also struggled with his quarterbacks in the last years. The Panthers gave CMC extra workload as it was the only way their offense could move, which led to multiple injuries for the running back and it is definitely something he wants to avoid at San Francisco.