In the NFL, the rivalry between the Cowboys and the Eagles is very intense. For this reason, Dallas fans have attacked Micah Parsons for wearing a Philadelphia jersey.

Micah Parsons is seen as the future of the Dallas Cowbys. He was selected with the 12th-overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, and he became a key piece to improve the team's defense.

For this reason, fans think that Parsons should wear the Lonely Star everywhere and anywhere. However, the linebacker decided to use a Philadelphia jersey and they don't like this at all.

Micah Parsons wore a Philadelphia jersey and Cowboys fans are not happy about it

It is known that NFL players usually support all the teams of their cities, no matter the sport. However, Micah Parsons decided to wear a Philadelphia 76ers jersey, and of course fans are questioning his loyalty.

The linebacker showed up to Game 4 of the NBA's Playoffs between the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics wearing a No. 0 Tyrese Maxey jersey. Fans attacked him for their rivalry against the Eagles, but Parsons defended himself by saying that the player he supports is from Texas.