It is going to be a very interesting offseason for the Dallas Cowboys. The Lonely Star squad needs to work on multiple contracts, including Ezekiel Elliott's, but Jerry Jones, the team's owner, has now talked about their chances of keeping the running back in 2023.

The 2022 campaign was very disappointing for Cowboys fans. Even though they were seen as real contenders for the Super Bowl LVII, they were far from it and were defeated in the Divisional round by the 49ers.

This year, Ezekiel Elliott was not so dominant as it had been in previous years. For that reason, the team is considering if he must continue with them in 2023, specially with the contract he has nowadays.

Jerry Jones knows how difficult it will be to keep Ezekiel Elliot in 2023

Jerry Jones is a businessman and he perfectly knows when is the best time to take a decision regarding a player's contract. Now, the Cowboys owner must do it with Ezekiel Elliott to see if both parties can reach an agreement for the 2023 season.

According to Nick Eatman of, Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy, the team's head coach, want Ezekiel Elliott back in 2023, but it "has to work financially" in order to keep the running back.

This 2022 campaign, the Cowboys used Tony Pollard as RB1 instead of Zeke, who had his worst year since entering the NFL. That's why they want to restructure Elliott's contract and also see if they can sign Pollard, who is a pending free-agent.

It seems like an impossible mission to keep both running backs and they must decide between both. This year Pollard proved he can take the starting role with remarkable numbers, so Elliott's continuity is in doubt.