Once the 2022 NFL season ended, Tom Brady announced he was retiring from football, 'for good' this time. However, the quarterback seems to miss playing and he might not have been entirely truthful about it as he could be preparing a shocking return for the 2023 campaign.

Success was part of Tom Brady's whole football career. He won seven Super Bowl rings in his 23 seasons, but at the end of his 2022 campaign he decided to say goodbye in order to spend more time with his family.

However, a few weeks after his announcement, Brady might take back what he said. According to reports, he's open to a second comeback and has a possible landing spot with a surprising AFC team.

NFL Rumors: Tom Brady might return in 2023 with a surprising AFC team

More than 30 days have passed since Tom Brady announced his retirement and there are already rumors about his possible return. It seems like the quarterback wants to play for one more season before starting his broadcasting career in fall of 2024.

According to The Rich Eisen Show, sources close to Brady revealed he might not have been completely truthful about his retirement. The quarterback reportedly wants to return and not move far from Tampa to do so.

The report say Brady is targeting the Miami Dolphins as possible landing spot for the upcoming season. If this move were to become reality, he would be returning to the AFC East after spending 20 years there with the New England Patriots.

This rumor is gaining strength with the latest reports about the Dolphins. The team is not completely committed to keeping Tua Tagovailoa, and Tom Brady could be the key piece to challenge the Buffalo Bills in the Division.