Football is the most popular sport in the U.S. Fans show their passion and excitement during every game and at every single level, from high school to the NCAA and obviously the National Football League.

And, although the NFL takes place in the U.S, people from all over the world follow its action pretty closely. But, have you ever wondered which are the teams with the most fans and followers? 

If the answer is yes, then today’s your lucky day, as we broke it out after conducting meticulous research on social media. So, without further introduction, sit down and enjoy while we let you know about the 25 NFL teams with most fans.

25. Arizona Cardinals

Fans: 1.4 million
City: Phoenix, AZ
Championships: 2
Founded: 1898 (as Morgan Athletic Club)

The Arizona Cardinals haven’t found much success over the past years. However, now with Kyler Murray under center, those fans will have plenty of reasons to attend their home games from now on.

They’re yet to win a Super Bowl but hold a couple of NFL Championships under their belt from the pre-merger era, and they’ll try to go back to the playoffs this year for the first time since 2015.

24. Los Angeles Chargers

Fans: 1.5 million
City: Los Angeles, CA
Championships: 1
Founded: 1960

The Los Angeles Chargers have plenty of fans across the country but ironically, they never seem to be present at their home games, which has caused their players to call them out repeatedly.

They’ll enter a bit of a transition period now that they’ve decided to move on from Philip Rivers, but hopefully, Justin Herbert will transition to become the franchise quarterback they need for the future.

23. Kansas City Chiefs

Fans: 1.7 million
City: Kansas City, MO
Championships: 5
Founded: 1960 (as Dallas Texans)

There are more Kansas City Chiefs fans by the day and rightfully so, as Andy Reid’s team features one of the most explosive and entertaining offenses the game of football has ever seen.

Led by Patrick Mahomes, it seems like there’s something always special going on in the Arrowhead Stadium, so no one wants to miss a second of the action. They have a perennial Super Bowl contender on their hands.

22. New York Jets

Fans: 1.8 million
City: Florham Park, NJ
League Championships: 1
Founded: 1959 (as Titans of New York)

It’s been a while since the New York Jets last were a true contender. However, they’re still one of the most beloved teams in the nation, especially among those diehard old-school football fans.

The Jets have struggled to put together a competitive squad but, Sam Darnold rises as a glimpse of hope going forward for them, so you can expect thousands of fans lining up outside of MetLife Stadium to support their team.

21. Detroit Lions

Fans: 1.8 million
City: Detroit, MI
Championships: 4
Founded: 1930 (as Portsmouth Spartans)

It’s hard being a Detroit Lions supporters but luckily for them, they have one of the most loyal fanbases in the nation. Especially if you consider they haven’t won a Championship since 1957.

They’re going through a bit of a transition process right now and Matthew Stafford will always be a subject of controversies, so perhaps they’ll continue to struggle until they finally go through a long-overdue rebuilding process.

20. Washington Redskins

Fans: 1.8 million
City: Ashburn, VA
Championships: 5
Founded: 1932 (as Boston Braves)

The Washington Redskins have one of the loudest, most loyal fanbases on earth. Thing is, they’ve sure endured their rough times, especially over the past 10 years or so, and riding all the way to Maryland to watch their home games is a bit of a nightmare.

Still, the future seems bright at the nation’s capital, as Dwayne Haskins could end up being the franchise quarterback they’ve been craving since Robert Griffin III got hurt. That, assuming they’ll actually let him play and grow from his mistakes.

19. Atlanta Falcons

Fans: 1.9 million
City: Atlanta, GA
Championships: 0
Founded: 1965

The Atlanta Falcons hold one of the most beautiful and modern home turfs in the NFL and gladly for them, the crowd’s always rooting for their boys even despite their well-documented playoff meltdowns.

This team is yet to win their first-ever Super Bowl. They were pretty close a couple of years ago but they blew a 28-3 lead in the fourth quarter to give Tom Brady and the Patriots yet another ring.

18. Minnesota Vikings

Fans: 1.9 million
City: Minneapolis, MN
Championships: 1
Founded: 1960

The Minnesota Vikings have been perennial contenders since their foundation but it always seems like they’ve missed a glimpse of luck to go the distance and win the Super Bowl once and for all.

Still, they’re one of America’s most beloved teams and there’s just not a single guy on the great state of Minnesota that doesn’t root for the Vikings. They also have one of the coolest stadiums on earth.

17. Indianapolis Colts

Fans: 2.1 million
City: Indianapolis, IN
Championships: 5
Founded: 1953 (as Baltimore Colts)

The Indianapolis Colts have had some of the greatest quarterbacks to ever lace them up. They’ve built a winning culture and their fans will accept nothing but greatness from their signal-callers.

That’ll put a lot of pressure on an aging Philip Rivers set to be under center for the Colts next season. Hopefully, he’ll finally shake off those postseason woes and prove that he’s Hall-of-Fame-bound.

16. Houston Texans

Fans: 2.1 million
City: Houston, TX
Championships: 0
Founded: 1999

The Houston Texans have a long history of failed aspirations in the playoffs. Still, that hasn’t stopped them from earning the love and respect of over two million fans across Texas and the U.S.

This team has made some questionable decisions over the past months, but as long as Deshaun Watson is under center, they’ll have a legit shot at making it to the big game, even if DeAndre Hopkins is no longer in town.

15. Baltimore Ravens

Fans: 2.2 million
City: Baltimore, MD
Championships: 2
Founded: 1996

Young football fans from all over the nation are going to start rooting for the Baltimore Ravens in no time. The reason? Lamar Jackson, the league’s finest entertainer at the quarterback spot.

The Ravens have built a reputation for being a hardnosed team that will never go down without a fight and with Jackson calling the shots, they’ll be perennial championship contenders for sure.

14. Miami Dolphins

Fans: 2.2 million
City: Miami, FL
Championships: 2
Founded: 1966

The Miami Dolphins have been through it all. From an undefeated season and the great Dan Marino to years of struggles and rebuilding. Luckily for them, their fans have never turned their backs on them.

And now that they have a promising Tua Tagovailoa as their hope for the future, we can be pretty sure that there will be even more Dolphins fans lining up outside Hard Rock Stadium on a weekly basis.

13. Carolina Panthers

Fans: 2.3 million
City: Charlotte, NC
Championships: 0
Founded: 1993

The Carolina Panthers are one of the youngest franchises in the NFL but they became an instant success all over the state. They’re yet to win their first Championship, although they were pretty close with Cam Newton.

The Panthers have turned the page and signed Teddy Bridgewater as their signal-caller for the future, so their fans have plenty of reasons to continue supporting their squad and ‘Keep Pounding’.

12. Philadelphia Eagles

Fans: 3.2 million
City: Philadelphia, PA
 Championships: 4
Founded: 1933

Everybody knows they’re going to have a hard time if they visit Philadelphia wearing a jersey from out of town. The Eagles have one of the most passionate fans in all of the world, for sure.

Philadelphia has struggled to bring Championships home but their diehard fans will always be by their side. Things can escalate pretty quickly when they’re celebrating, but that’s just how they do things at Philly.

11. Las Vegas Raiders

Fans: 3.3 million
City: Las Vegas, NV
Championships: 4
Founded: 1960 (as Oakland Raiders)

Las Vegas is set to receive one of the most beloved teams in the nation; the former Oakland Raiders. These guys haven’t been able to compete in years but they still have the most colorful fans on earth.

The Raiders are a huge market and the expectation is that they take Nevada for assault as one of the main attractions in Sin City. Now, all they have to do is start winning some playoff games.

10. New York Giants

Fans: 3.8 million
City: East Rutherford, NJ
Championships: 8
Founded: 1925

Even though there are plenty of Jets fans in the Big Apple, New York City belongs to the Giants. That’s just how it is, the same way that happens with the Rangers and Islanders or Knicks and Nets.

MetLife Stadium can become hell for opposing fans when the crowd is locked in, but sadly, they haven’t had many reasons to celebrate lately. Hopefully, Saquon Barkley will change that pretty soon.

9. Chicago Bears

Fans: 3.9 million
City: Chicago, IL
 Championships: 9
Founded: 1920 (as Decatur Staleys)

The Chicago Bears hold a great story of success and dominance during the early years of this beautiful sport, a story that they haven’t been able to live up to over the past couple of decades.

Regardless, thousands of Chicagoans will still pack up Soldier Field any given Sunday to root for their team, but don’t get it wrong, they won’t hesitate to show their anger and boo them right away either.

8. Seattle Seahawks

Fans: 3.9 million
City: Seattle, WA
Championships: 1
Founded: 1976

The Seattle Seahawks not only have one of the biggest fanbases in the nation but also one of the loudest. That ‘Number 12’ can get loud in the blink of an eye and make things quite difficult for their rivals.

Seattle is a hostile town for visitors when it comes to sports. The crowd really gets into it any given night regardless of the scoreboard or who’s on the court. They’ll do it all for their teams without hesitation.

7. New Orleans Saints

Fans: 4 million
City: New Orleans, LA
Championships: 1
Founded: 1966

New Orleans has always been quite a sports-supportive community and the New Orleans Saints have really brought them together in times of need, so there’s no wonder why they love them so much.

Drew Brees is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and no one ever wants to miss a single snap when he’s under center. They’re one of the better coached teams in the league as well.

6. San Francisco 49ers

Fans: 4 million
City: San Francisco, CA
Championships: 5
Founded: 1946

Everything’s fancier in San Francisco, and Levi’s Stadium (actually in Santa Clara) isn’t the exception to that rule, as you’ll see the very best of Silicon Valley rooting for their team even days before the start of games.

The 49ers were one of the most dominant teams in the world a couple of decades ago and Joe Montana made sure that a lot of people jumped on board of their wagon, as they have plenty of fans from all over the world.

5. Denver Broncos

Fans: 4.1 million
City: Denver, CO
Championships: 3
Founded: 1959

The Denver Broncos haven’t exactly been the most successful franchise in NFL history but that hasn’t stopped fans from rooting for them even despite the blistering cold of the mountains in Colorado.

The Broncos have put together a defensive juggernaut of a squad that has brought back hope to Mile High and if Drew Lock turns out to be the real deal, you can definitely count on even more fans jumping in.

4. Green Bay Packers

Fans: 5.2 million
City: Green Bay, WI
Championships: 13
Founded: 1919

The Green Bay Packers pretty much dominated the early stages of football, so it’s not a surprise to see why they have one of the biggest fanbases in the nation despite playing on such a small town.

Green Bay is football’s mecca. This town literally lives for football and no fan in the world would pass on the opportunity to watch a game in the legendary Lambeau Field, the historically greatest turf in the league.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Fans: 6.3 million
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Championships: 6
Founded: 1933

ThePittsburgh Steelers can always count on their fans joining them all over the country. Hell, they even have fans in Mexico, Europe, and South America that dream of watching them play live one day.

The Terrible Towel always makes the Steelers feel at home, even on the road. Regardless of the score or if their team is already out of the playoff picture, they can always count on their fans.

2. New England Patriots

Fans: 7 million
City: Foxborough, PA
Championships: 6
Founded: 1959 (as Boston Patriots)

It’s no wonder why the New England Patriots continue to climb the ladder as one of the most popular teams in professional sports, as they’ve put together the most terrifying dynasty of the past twenty years.

So it’ll be interesting to see whether Gillette stadium will continue to be stacked even in late-night winter games now that Tom Brady took his talents to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after winning 6 Super Bowl rings.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Fans: 8.5 million
City: Frisco, TX
Championships: 5
Founded: 1960

There’s a reason why the Dallas Cowboys are called America’s Team. Even if half the nation may not exactly like them or their fans, they’re still the most popular team in the nation and it’s not even close.

The Cowboys haven’t been as dominant as they were in the 70s but with Mike McCarthy leading the way and Ezekiel Elliott in the backcourt, the future seems bright at last for Dem Boyz.