Aaron Rodgers left the Green Bay Packers to try and win the second Super Bowl of his career with the New York Jets. However, the dream ended on the fourth play of the season following an Achilles injury against the Bills.

From that moment on, the Jets’ downfall was spectacular despite their strong defense. The major issue was that the offense severely struggled with backup quarterbacks like Zach Wilson and Tim Boyle.

In the last few weeks, Aaron Rodgers never lost hope of achieving an extraordinary recovery that would defy all the medical records around the NFL regarding this type of injury. Now, what seemed impossible could be a reality.

This Wednesday, the head coach of the New York Jets, Robert Saleh, confirmed that Rodgers has been cleared for functional football activity. That’s why the 21-day practice window for the star player is officially open.

When will Aaron Rodgers return to play?

It is crucial to note that, despite the announcement, this does not mean Aaron Rodgers will return immediately with the New York Jets. The team’s decision is a another step to leave the door open in his rehabilitation. However, if he meets the timeline mentioned by the player, aiming to return in mid-December, it could become a reality.

In fact, if Rodgers couldn’t return to practice, the protocol regarding the 21-day window would close. However, logically, these three weeks are officially a potential timeframe for the quarterback. This was the message by Robert Saleh.

“The true narrative is he’s old school in the sense that he is driven. Is there a motivation to be the first ever to do it? Sure. That’s ok. That’s his why. It’s a mentality that young guys should be able to grasp too.”

What is Aaron Rodgers injury return date?

Aaron Rodgers has marked December 24 as his possible return date from injury when the New York Jets face the Washington Commanders. However, the big question is if that risk is worth it considering the team might be already out of contention. Saleh will respect his final word.

“He loves this organization. He wants to be with his teammates. He has sacrificed so much already for the organization, himself and his teammates. He is doing it again. He wants to prove that it can be done faster than anyone has ever done it before. Aaron is not going to do anything that puts himself in harm’s way.”

SURVEY Will Aaron Rodgers win a Super Bowl with the New York Jets?

Will Aaron Rodgers win a Super Bowl with the New York Jets?