Aaron Rodgers has announced for the first time that the exact date for his return will be in mid-December. The quarterback suffered an Achilles injury just in the fourth play of the season with the New York Jets, but, as he himself warned, his recovery has been incredible.

The information was confirmed by NBC reporter Melissa Stark during the Sunday Night Football broadcast between the Jets and the Raiders in Las Vegas. “I know it sounds insane, but if you do a good surgery, have a good patient, it makes this possible.”

Aaron Rodgers left the Green Bay Packers after disagreeing with many decisions by their front office, especially regarding Jordan Love as the future of the franchise. Therefore, Rodgers sought a new adventure in New York, aiming to win his second Super Bowl.

Now, if his unexpected return is confirmed, everything will depend on whether the Jets stay alive in the race for the NFL playoffs. After a crushing 16-12 loss against the Raiders, things just got really complicated.

When will Aaron Rodgers return from injury?

If Aaron Rodgers plans to return next month, the New York Jets will play against the Houston Texans on December 10th, the Miami Dolphins on December 17th and the Washington Commanders on December 24th.

This means that the Jets would have to play only three more games without their star. Buffalo Bills on November 19th, Miami Dolphins on November 24th and Atlanta Falcons on December 3rd.

Will the Jets make the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers?

Of course, this is the big question that everyone would like to answer. If Aaron Rodgers returns for Week 14 against Houston, the Jets would need to have only six losses at that point to have real possibilities. Right now, they have a 4-5 record and their offense is a disaster with Zach Wilson.

Rodgers would aim to finish with a record of 4-1 in his last five games against the Texans, Miami, Washington, Cleveland and New England. A record of 10-7 would put them very close to the playoffs.

However, even if Rodgers returns by mid-December, the Jets could be eliminated by that time. Therefore, the future Hall of Famer will have to carefully assess whether he wants to risk his career for a totally lost cause.